College student with 6+ years of experience actively maintaining released applications for over 100,000 users. Founded AMP Element in 2008 as a computer repair technician, migrated to Android application development in 2011, and hired employees in 2015. Interned at FireEye as a full-stack software developer. Currently building up a virtual reality healthcare startup called Luminopia. Eager to learn and apply new skills in an exciting workplace building meaningful products.

Experienced in Java with Android, Spring, Bukkit, MySQL and MongoDB; JavaScript with React, AngularJS, JQuery, Three.js and vanilla; Python 2 & 3 with Flask, MatPlotLib, Cassandra; PHP with MySQL; modern HTML 5, CSS/LESS/SASS; Swift for iOS; Digital Ocean with Ubuntu, nginx; Go (golang); AWS with Beanstalk, RDS, S3.

Engineering Experience

Luminopia(CTO)2015 - Present Cofounded a healthcare startup using virtual reality to treat neurological eye disorders. Currently incubating in the Harvard Innovaiton Lab VIP program.
  • Conducted dozens of meetings with head doctors at nationally renowned hospitals
  • Prepared and presented business and technology pitch decks to venture capital firms
  • Organized and led customer market research with potential patients
  • Built two virtual reality prototypes:
    1. Platform agnostic web demo using TypeScript, Canvas, SASS, Gulp and Device Orientation APIs.
    2. iOS based Swift with high precision gyroscope stablization and GPU based realtime video processing
AMP Element(CTO)2014 - 2015Lead a team of three to construct a cross-platform service providing realtime messaging, live location tracking, synced calendar and shared task lists to families. Native clients on Android (Java) and iOS (Swift) were backed by a Spring 4 (Java 8) server. ReactiveX and dependency injection paradigms were used on both client applications which reduced development time and allowed for new developers to quickly get up to speed on unfamiliar codebases. The modular backend ran on AWS's Elastic Beanstalk and interfaced with a MySQL/Aurora DB on AWS's RDS, allowing it to scale smoothly as traffic rose.
FireEye(Malware Research Development Intern)2014Full-stack software engineer working on in-house systems for malware research and analysis. Re-wrote internal application with 50 TB of malware samples into a modern AngularJS/LESS based web app with a RESTful Python/Flask backend using Cassandra as DB. Improved response time by 500%, doubled number of available query attributes, reduced user support requests 80%, improved feature development time by two-fold, and added 95% test coverage.

Skills / Projects

  • Java: Android, Spring, Bukkit, MySQL
    • CloudSend
      Android App
      Ties into a user's Dropbox account in order to streamline the process of sharing files.
      96,000+ installs
    • Adobe Flash Downloader
      Android App
      Assists in the downloading and install of the removed Adobe Flash Player.
      7,300+ installs
    • Corona del Mar High School
      Android App
      Android application for CDM HS. Provides easy access to most-frequently used student resources. Uses custom-built Calendar View implementation.
      200+ active installs
    • WarpPortals
      Minecraft/Bukkit Plugin
      Created due to lack of easy to use, feature filled plugins providing teleportation services in the game.
      116,000+ installs
      5.6+ million starts
  • JavaScript: Vanilla, React, AngularJS, JQuery, ThreeJS
    • HCS Datamatch
      React Web App
      Harvard undergraduate Valentine's Day date making application. A React frontend with Immutable.js, Redux state written in TypeScript interacting with a Ruby on Rails backend. Built using Gulp, browserify, npm dependency management.
      4,500+ active undergrads
    • Chemical Molar Mass Calculator
      AngularJS Web App
      Parses chemical formula input and calculates molecular weight of compound. Uses RaphaelJS to provide pie-chart visualization. Relies on Grunt as build manager. Built based off of AngularJS principles.
    • NCDM Ticket Sale
      JQuery w/ PHP Backend
      Ticket sale tracking website built as a single page JQuery web app with a PHP/MySQL backend. Created for record keeping of ticket sales and money collection. Use "awendland" as username to demo.
    • Acid-Base Neutralization Simulator
      ThreeJS / Vanilla JS Web App
      Particle simulation of an Acid-Base neutralization reaction. Runs on WebGL using ThreeJS with live data reporting.
    • JSON Tree Visualizer
      AngularJS Web App
      Formats inputted JSON and constructs an expandable tree. Uses angular-json-tree from bower.
  • Python: Flask, MatPlotLib, Twitter
    • Twitter to Stock Correlator
      Multi-threaded Python with data access layer written on Flask
      Realtime keyword analysis of filtered Twitter firehose in order to attempt to discover relationships between stock movement and tweet frequency.


Harvard College - Class of 2019

Relevant Coursework:

  • COMPSCI 61: Systems Programming and Machine Organization
  • ENG-SCI 50: Introduction to Electrical Engineering
  • MATH 21B: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
  • COMPSCI 51: Abstraction and Design in Computation
  • AP Calculus BC
  • Self studied for AP Computer Science exam