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A Foray Into AngularJS


So I’ve recently finished the Java backend for a project that I’m working on and now I need to get the frontend up and running. I’ve done some meager frontend stuff before, basically a very very simple single-item POS system, but I found myself a tad disgusted with the JQuery-Constructor pattern I was using. There were so many callbacks, a complicated mish-mash of navigation-through-app-hierarchy handling, and general lack of cohesion between what was happenning where. As I read around for better models to follow, one figure kept appearing on the horizon. That figure was AngularJS. It promised the solution to all my answers but, upon first inspection from my Javascript-toddler eyes, appeared to be a new beast entirely. Thanks to massive amount of what-appears-to-be well deserved hype around it, thus began my quest to tame the best.

And here it begins.

Update 1 – 2013-08-03 02:54 PST

This article begins slightly after when I truly started looking into Angular. In my first foray into the field I was led by John Lindquist’s short and sharp Youtube videos on the subject These were insightful but I had no place to implement the principles that I was learning and so they quickly faded from memory. This time around I fortunately do have an idea to mold into a project and┬átherefore will be working whatever lessons I come across into something of my own, memorable, design.

Update 2 – 2013-08-03 03:01 PST

I have started to follow this wonderful video tutorial from David Mosher ( that walks you through and implements many of the basics of AngularJS. So far so good; I really like what I’m learning.