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Pithos the Quiter

May 06, 2011

Pithos, a Linux app the streams Pandora Radio natively without the clunky flash webapp or any sort of browser being open, would consistantly crash after a few songs and would have to be restarted to continue playing. I found a fix on this website: Pithos Launchpad. The fix requires creating a file with the name pithos.patch and then putting this text inside (Updated with a link to the file. Wordpress wouldn’t display the code right. You can retrieve it using wget

Here is also a Google Docs link just incase the launchpad every goes down:

Then your run these commands:

$ which pithos
> /usr/bin/pithos
$ cd /usr/bin/
$ patch pithos < /path/to/pithos.patch

That succesfully fixed my Pithos installation to continuesly play the music without stopping. Pithos rocks now!

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