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Written by Alex Wendland, who is currently studenting at Harvard College. Here's a Twitter handle, a GitHub, some LinkedIn, ol' Facebook, or a hip Instagram if you're interested.

Back to College

How to Backup Google Drive to S3/Hard-disk
npm Install Hook Scripts: Intro (Part 1)
2018 Yarn vs. NPM

3 Year Startup Hiatus

Co-founder and CTO at Luminopia, where we were working to cure lazy eye (the team's working on even more now!). Checkout some coverage of an early clinical trial we ran at BCH, a writeup by the Ophthalmologist, some SXSW coverage. Plus, The Crimson asked me for a brief statement and HBS wrote-up a case study on us, if that's your thing.

College Kickoff

Woohoo! Fun college things! One of those fun college things was Datamatch, a website started in 1994 at Harvard where people fill out a questionaire and then are matched with their perfect soulmate on Valentine's Day and given a free meal with them. I also worked with Harvard College Consulting Group, looking at user retention for a big 3 cable company, but it was severely lacking in romance.

High School

The Second Quarter of 2015: Projects
The Second Quarter of 2015: Items
Particle Network Animations in JS
Algorithmic Art in Javascript
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Android, the better UX?
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Robotics, a subject that's lacking
STEM, training that matters
SAT Prompt 1
Why start a blog?

Middle School

Disable Right Click
Xbox Goes RROD? Take some drill in your case!
Ubuntu + Flash = <3
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Nautilus Elementary Breadcrumbs
Pithos the Quiter
Screen On, Screen Off
Mac, Ubuntu, Windows....Uh Oh, Can't Boot
Multiple Firefox Windows
DVD - Still Rippin'
Ubuntu - I Control My Hardrive
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Solar Panel - Day 7
Solar Panel - Day 6
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