How to Backup Google Drive to S3/Hard-disk

November 24, 2018

As reliable as Google is, it can be worrisome to depend solely on one company to maintain all of your data. In both my personal and startup life, I’ve kept all of my non-code data in Google Drive. Besides two instances in the past 4 years, during which Google Drive was inaccessible for a cumulative 6 hours when I needed it, everything has been operating smoothly and quickly.

However, I am a little paranoid against data loss, so I went looking for an easy way to create complete backups of my Google Drive data. I found an approach, that while manual, is pretty low effort and quite reliable. I’ve tested it on my personal drive which has around 20 GB of data, as well as my startup’s drive, which has around 100 GB of data. ...

npm Install Hook Scripts: Intro (Part 1)

November 21, 2018

npm1 is the de-facto package manager for JavaScript code. Though initially intended for use with node.js, it’s expanded to managing dependencies on the frontend as well. npm makes a developer’s life substantially more convenient, but it provides that convenience at the cost of security. In particular, npm is happy to auto-execute package scripts upon install, thanks to various install hook scripts. ...

2018 Yarn vs. NPM

June 8, 2018

With NPM’s recent acquisition of ^Lift Security and the Node Security Platform, as well as the release of their package-lock.json and the npm ci command for reliable CI installations, it seemed like a compelling time to reavaluate the value proposition of Yarn. Plus, for some reason Yarn kept giving me 401s on our CI two weekends ago for some unknown reason, so it made me think about NPM for the first time in a long time, and I got curious what the state-of-the-world is.

Spoiler: I’m going to be trying out npm for projects moving forward. ...

The Second Quarter of 2015: Projects

May 13, 2015

Following the spirit of The Second Quarter of 2015: Items, I’m going to also post an infrequent summary of the projects that I have been working on and other transgressions that have occurred as of late.


McConnell Brue Macroeconomics Glossary - (School) Python - GitHub

I was getting tired of constantly searching through my textbook’s glossary for the definition of macroeconomics terms, so I found a digital version of the textbook, RegEx-ed the definitions out of it, and wrote this “Python program for defining macroeconomics terms using the McConnell Brue Economics textbook. This program allows for searching the glossary and supports fuzzy-matching (every search will return a term, whichever is the closest).”

The Second Quarter of 2015: Items

May 13, 2015

I was inspired by a website I stumbled across on called My Faults My Own by Ross Rheingans-Yoo in which he keeps a live post for each month where he lists worthwhile articles he’s read and other things he “would like to signal-boost, but won’t take the time to do full writeups on”. I enjoy the idea substantially, and with this post am commencing along the path he blazed.

Reading List

Book: ★★★★★ Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us - Daniel H Pink

Drawing on four decades of scientific research on human motivation, Pink exposes the mismatch between what science knows and what business does—and how that affects every aspect of our lives.


Particle Network Animations in JS

February 20, 2015

I just did a minor revamp of the TEC Club homepage in order to include a live, JS generated network of floating dots. Opaque interconnections will pop to life when the dots travel within 100 pixels of each other. On mouse over, the connections will fade away and the dots will grow increase in opacity. It can be quite entertaining to watch. I enjoy playing this version in full screen and just watching it.

I was inspired by the new Mavenlink brand refresh, the dashboard of which I have placed an image of here:

Mavenlink Dashboard after 2015 refresh ...

Linux Terminal Batch Download One Liner

May 26, 2014

More than once I’ve come across a situation where I’ve needed to download a set of files from a website, all on the same page, and all with a similar HTML markup pattern. Additionally, I’ve come to fall in love with the Linux Terminal and all of its easy-to-use commands. So, here’s a mashup of the two! ...

Android, the better UX?

March 28, 2014


What’s the best looking smartphone? Quickly the obvious response is given, “iPhone”. The leader in innovation, design, functionality, usability, friendliness… et cetara. I’d like to challenge this widespread assumptions and propose that, in fact, Android provides a better net user experience. ...

AlarmManager, BroadcastReceivers, Activities! Oh my!

August 27, 2013


This article is the result of hours of frustration, research and lack-of-understanding on my part. I went out with the simple goal of implementing a timer function using Android’s AlarmManager class. With ease and efficiency, traits I have come to expect when using the Android APIs, I got it working in under 15 minutes. It was made of three classes, an activity containing the button for scheduling the alarm, a class to handle the AlarmManager interaction, and a BroadcastReceiver to handle the scheduled events. This was working excellently until I began to test this simple app’s robustness in handling odd, but still possible, user-interactions. ...

An Ongoing Comparison of Brackets and Sublime Text 3

August 3, 2013


I’ve worked on a few frontend web projects before and mainly used Aptana Studios 3 for all my IDE/Text Editor needs. Mainly this was because Aptana is based on Eclipse and I have done a significant amount of development in Eclipse. Aptana suited most of my needs, I especially enjoyed the built in FTP syncing and code formatter, but lacks support for custom Javascript method completion and is a massive resource hog. As I began to research Angular JS to build my frontend web project on, I found that many of the tutorial creators were using Sublime Text 3. I hopped on over to the Sublime Text site and downloaded the beta. ST3 is a a much needed refresh from the traditional Eclipse-esque IDE development; it’s so subtle and sleek without any of the clunk. ST3 seemed to be the answer! ...

A Foray Into AngularJS

August 3, 2013


So I’ve recently finished the Java backend for a project that I’m working on and now I need to get the frontend up and running. I’ve done some meager frontend stuff before, basically a very very simple single-item POS system, but I found myself a tad disgusted with the JQuery-Constructor pattern I was using. There were so many callbacks, a complicated mish-mash of navigation-through-app-hierarchy handling, and general lack of cohesion between what was happenning where. As I read around for better models to follow, one figure kept appearing on the horizon. That figure was AngularJS. It promised the solution to all my answers but, upon first inspection from my Javascript-toddler eyes, appeared to be a new beast entirely. Thanks to massive amount of what-appears-to-be well deserved hype around it, thus began my quest to tame the best. ...

Robotics, a subject that's lacking

July 27, 2013

In light of the lack of STEM and modern technologies training, such as Programming, Computer Architecture and other High-Tech areas, I would like to do my part by starting a weekly Robotics class. ...

STEM, training that matters

July 23, 2013

The Problem

An elementary school’s core curriculum covers basic math, English and science. However, some schools, due to their success in finding funding through the school district or strong parent communities, are able to provide cultural education with music and art classes. More specifically, 94% of elementary schools nation wide provide music classes and 83% of schools nation wide provide art education. ( Now that’s excellent! The vast majority of US children are receiving training in the fine arts, becoming culturally matured in the process. There’s only one problem: a liberal calculation of percentage of art professions in the job market is at 0.245%. Meanwhile, musical professions are even lower, making up only 0.122% of all US jobs ( Furthermore, the median average salary is $50,000. ...

SAT Prompt 1

July 17, 2013

Hello, again. I am quite disappointed in myself for not writing another blog post until now. Of course I can come up with a myriad of excuses, but the problem is simply that I didn’t write anything and in hindsight that is all that matters to me. As a sorta-kinda form of punishment, today I am making myself write a post containing my response to an SAT prompt. After looking for SAT prompts I was very surprised to find that they are pretty interesting (and also, I get to try out WordPress’s cool distraction free writing mode)! So here it goes: ...

Why start a blog?

July 9, 2013

Why would I dedicate time to writing a blog? Probably for the same reason many people dedicate their time towards writing their blogs: they hope to develop themselves further by sharing their thoughts and knowledge with others. At least that seems like a profound enough sounding reason for me :)

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a couple years now and even took a few short forays into the field a few years back (mainly Concerning those previous attempts I feel as though I was too young and unprepared to write entries that were long enough and captivating enough to be worth reading. Hopefully that has changed! In the years following I have become an avid reader engorging myself daily with thousands of articles supplied through the IV-Drip of Google Reader (RIP). I was addicted to the great writings from Lifehacker, How-To Geek, Ars Technica, Phandroid, and, my personal favorite, The Verge. Recently I have tapered off because all of that input was taking away from my time to create output, but that is a whole different blog post! ...